Thursday, 11 September 2014

Story writing today!

Hi my name is Jasmine and I went to a beautiful place with lots of bright, colourful flowers. They were so beautiful, Love came to me!

 Written by Jasmine

Fireworks crackle! Boom! 

Sparkles reflecting on the water, it is amazing. 

I can feel the vibration!  

Written by Seren

There was a mighty roar as..... The volcano blew my flesh away from me. I felt the volcano going to explode. Then it exploded and the shiny hot lava was coming right for me. I was so scared my body was shaking. After the explosion the Earth was ash. After two weeks the world was covered in beautiful rainbow colours.
Written by Shanti

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It’s all about the birds today

Thanks Jasmine for taking such a fun and arty day in the Junior room!